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ASUS X550JX Review

Regardless of what you are looking to use your laptop computer for, getting value for your money and performance out of your machine should be your top priority. The only problem appears to be the fact that there are plenty of laptops out there and making the decision about which is the best for you can be an uphill task. To help you with that, here is a closer look at one of them, the ASUS X550JX.


One of the stronger features that this laptop has to offer is the storage. It comes with a crisp 1TB capacity hard drive that ensures that you never have the need to constantly delete your files to create space or buy other storage devices.


The ASUS X550JX houses a one of kind processor that not only allows for quick performance but also helps to extend the battery life of the computer. The 4th generation Haswell Intel core i7-4720HQ processor can clock to speeds of up to 2.6GHz and these can be stretched as far as 3.6GHz by using the Intel turbo boost 2.0 technology. To help improve the life of your battery, the processor is a low voltage consumer despite its high performance.

It is also fitted with 8GB of 1600 MHz DDR3L RAM, 6MB L3 cache and the Intel Hyper threading technology allowing the user to multi task between applications fairly quickly and with efficiency.

ASUS Graphics

ASUS has never been small on graphics and on the ASUS X550 JX it had the opportunity to once again portray its might which it did. The laptop is built for an immersive gaming experience and comes fitted with a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950M which is among the industry leading technologies in graphics. This feature comes with DirectX 11 support, CUDA and dynamic PhysX effects. The best thing about the graphics is that they not only improve your experience but also have among the best optimal performances per watt.


The 15.6 inch display also has a plethora of aspects to it that include the 16:9 aspect ratio and a native resolution of about 1920×1080 giving it the capacity to play full HD content. To make it easier for you to use the screen even in brightly lit backgrounds, the screen also comes with a matte finish.

Operating system

Off the shelf, the computer comes with the Windows 8.1 operating system. Even though this is a great fit for the computer, the specifications of the computer allow you to change the operating system to whatever suits your needs best. Regardless, with the pre-installed software, you get a variety of features and benefits including the return of the start button which features the very impressive live tiles.


Added features

To make your experience with the ASUS X550JX even better, there are a variety of other features that are worth noting. They might not necessarily improve the performance of the computer but they definitely make it easier and more pleasing to use. One of these is the IceCool technology which prevents the heat from the computer from building up around the palm rest. This ensures that the temperature around that area remains lower than that of the body preventing things like sweating which can make using the computer a bit difficult. For more information visit the official ASUS website.

With this ASUS product, it is worth noting that you will not only be getting great performance but a great aesthetic appeal as well. Without a doubt, it is great value for your money for an all-round computer that has endless applications. If you are going to purchase this product head over to Digiprime – ASUS X550JX site.

ASUS X550JX Gaming Performance Video